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VPN for Indonesia

Indonesian government has imposed many restrictions on usage of internet to the people of the country. The people of Indonesia donot have access to the world of the internet as openly as the other parts of the world.

The government of Indonesia has defined censorship laws that give them ultimate control of activities of the open public such as social messaging, open culture acts of todays western culture people like kissing etc.

What happens if you are a outsider visiting Indonesia and not able to stream your favourite content or some work related content due to geo graphical restrictions. A VPN will hide your IP address and location and give you the unlimited access you want not only for Indonesian but the worldwide contents available of your choice. And yes, without any government interference.

Fast 4 : The Best & Safe VPNs for Indonesia

1. Express VPN : Known for it fast blazing speed, it is very much compatible with all streaming contents and on both platforms viz android & iOS. The strength of its server and security it provides makes it to the top of this list.
2. Nord VPN : Nord has local servers in Indonesia which makes a ideal choice with its no logs policy and security features it offers.
3. IPVanish VPN : One of the best VPN services provides, it offers complete anonymity and security of your connection.
4. PureVPN : Loaded with lots of features and promising speed without any hassle along with safety, this VPN has more than you expect.

Special Deals

Get Nord for $6.99/mo (for 12 months)
Get Express for $ 8.32/mo (for 12 months)
Get IPVanish for $ 6.49/mo (for 12 months)
Get Pure for $ 8.33/mo(for 6 months plan)

Express VPN :

It is a little bit costly compared to other plans, but you will not repent spending on it after use since it gives highest speed with no interruption and highest graded safety. Its reach of servers is one of the highest in the industry with presence in Indonesia and thus it gives the comfort of bypassing the geo blocks for multiple uses in a country wherein there are many restrictions imposed by the govt itself.

  • It works on Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, Showtime, Sling TV, DAZN, and BBC iPlayer.
  • The devices that it supports are Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Android TV, Linux, Chrome, and Firefox

Nord VPN :

Like Express VPN, Nord has also presence of its servers in Indonesia reassuring its stability of speed with safety and unlocking the contents for streaming. It is one of the best VPN in the world with multigrade security and good customer support services 24*7.

  • It works on Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Showtime, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, and Sling TV.
  • The devices that it supports are Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Android TV, Linux, Chrome, and Firefox.

Pure VPN :

The encryption of Pure VPN makes your data appear completely gibberish to anyone who manages to intercept your communications or hijack your data. It has a presence in more than 140 countries and empowers you to access everything on the internet, download securely, and remain protected all the while.

The devices that it supports are Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Android TV, Linux, Chrome, and Firefox, Kodi, DDWRT Applet

IPVanish VPN :

IPVanish offers highly encrypted connections with DNS leak protection and an auto connect options if there is drop in the connection will make it sure that there is no hurdle which you are using VPN for you purpose.

There is a no logs policy and the offering gets more lucrative with it offering multiple connections from a single subscription and with money back guarantee in case of no satisfaction.

The devices that it supports are Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Android TV, Linux.

What does a VPN actually do ?

When a user tries to access a website, it happens by connecting to your internet service provider or ISP in short. Your querry string passes through their server and they are able to collect your data, querry and material of communication that you do online. Thus, whatever you do, they have all the information exposed to them and this data they may pass on anybody for their financial benefits or any legal enforcement from local govt may also direct them to provide the information.

If you want to keep your identity and data confidential online, a VPN is required. A VPN redirects your internet traffic through a specially configured remote server and hide your IP address along with encrypting all your data on the internet. This data cannot be intercepted by anyone due to the military grade A256 bit encryption they use. And your identity including your IP and data are safe.

How to Hide Your Identity Online ?

What you watch online, which websites you browse and what payment methods you use are accessible by any prying eyes, especially hackers, surveillance agencies, and governments, whether you’re at home, browsing in a public place, or even at work. Believe it or not, everything is stored and monitored without you even knowing about it.

Today, having an anonymous VPN is no longer an option—it’s truly a necessity. Browse the Internet knowing that your online identity is protected and access the Internet without any limitations.

Sign up for a reliable anonymous VPN service such as PureVPN. Unlock websites and content, use public Wi-Fi networks safely, avoid government surveillance, and reap all the benefits from wherever you are on the planet.

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