How to Watch AMA(America Music Awards) Live via VPN

America Music Awards Live Streaming
AMA Live via VPN

The American Music Awards (AMAs) is an annual American music awards show, generally held in the Fall. It is the first of the big 3 music award shows held annually, the others being the Grammy Awards and the Billboard Music Awards.

Till 2005 edition, both the winners and the nominations were selected by members of the music industry, based on commercial performance, such as sales and airplay. But since the 2006 edition, winners have been determined by a poll of the public and fans, who can vote through the AMAs website.

The category of awards designed are broad and the record for winning maximum awards is made by none other than Taylor Swift with 29 awards. The second one being the one and the only Michael Jackson. The show is being hosted by ABC.

Step By Step guide to watch the AMA live via Best VPN Services Providers to live stream the event :

  1. Choose VPN service Provider
  2. Connect to a server location of US
  3. Go to to
  4. Follow the prompts to enter your (or your family’s) cable provider. If you’re watching through a web browser, use the browser extension
  5. You are done. Watch Live

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Not only AMA, you can stream all such award shows like Grammys, Oscars etc using a VPN that is able to give you the required access. And a VPN is not optional anymore, it is a basic necessity for any net user in the world.